Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Ten Disadvantages to ObamaCare

Hi everyone. I am thinking of writing a book, with ten short chapters detailing the ten disadvantages of Obamacare.

1. It would get the government largely involved in another program, which would make it extremely inefficient, judging by the largest government run healthcare system, Medicare/Medicaid, has a 37% INEFFICIENCY!
2. Government run healthcare programs have been proven extremely disadvantageous. In Britain, they had a system that was extremely short lived because it was a service in which you still had to pay tons of money for insurance because you were not always granted so by the NHS(National Health Service), and in Canada, while there is a healthcare service run by the government there, more people come here for medical care because our doctors are better than the ones in Canada, leading me to disadvantage three.
3. The best doctors who have public practice are going to be exiting the practice of medicine because of this plan. The federal government will not pay for our healthcare the way it is, so doctors won't get the money they need to simply support themselves, nor will they be able to accept so many new patients that a public healthcare service can work.
4. If the government can only afford to pay for basic healthcare for all of us, then the selfish politicians who sit up on their high horse in Washington should get basic care, too. Including the president and his family. But that won't happen, now will it?
5. Where in the world is this funding going to come from?
The president has proposed that social security would be one of the agencies to decrease in funding in order to help cover the deficit of the health care plan. Several things are wrong with this.
a. Social security is deficit spending already just to keep itself going.
b. Some retirees live on their social security checks. If funding is cut, their checks will become smaller, while the cost of living adequately continues to rise.
c. The president's mother-in-law gets social security. Do the tax payers now take over her expenses because she is a White House resident? Well, they should not, but that is what will happen.
6. It is not a bi-partisan effort
Rep. Tom Price(R-GA) said in a July speech that one of his Illinois colleagues told him there is not room for bi-partisan effort. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) said to her party "If you talk to Republicans about this,you will be shut out of the room." There has to be some consulting from the Republican party so that this can be an equal plan that pleases more people than the current plan.
7."Too many have used this as an opportunity to earn short term political points, even if it robs us of being able to solve a long-term problem."
Including you, Mr. President! You told us back in 2008 it was time for immediate change, yet in July 2009, your definition of immediate was changed to invest billions of tax dollars in it now, but you don't reap the benefits of it until 2012. More than one type of change, eh Mr. President?
8. Insurance companies can't afford it, either.
If we have a public healthcare service, the government says they will have to pay a lower price, as they don't have the funds to pay what some pay. Insurance companies have salaries to pay, Washington! If healthcare costs are cut so the government's tax money they take in pays for everyone, or assists in payment, the insurance companies will have to make more layoffs because of financial stress, increasing our more important poverty and unemployment rate.
9. Basic is not enough
Basic healthcare is not enough. For the people with pre-existing conditions that our president would like to help so much, they need higher coverage so they can recieve the operation and medication they need without breaking the family bank, It started as Congress level care for everyone, and went all the way down to basic because of the recession. Basic is not good enough to meet Congress level healthcare standards, why should it meet ours?
10. 10 trillion in debt, can DC afford more?
Hey Mr. President. You just proudly announced that you believe the economic crisis is coming to a close. Do you want to open back up that door by deficit spending what would eventually be over 1 trillion dollars for an ineffiecient, probably short-lived healthcare plan that we can never recuperate from? Really? If you keep giving people instant gratification, they take it, they use it, and then they wonder where it went when we can't give it to them because we re-entered a recession which will be worst than the last.

Those, my friends, are the ten disadvantages to ObamaCare.

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